M-03, Al Andalus Building, Hor Al Anz East, Dubai, UAE

ATLAS 5000PF 100-800 kVA

ATLAS 5000PF 100-800 kVA is a  3 Phase in/3 Phase out 10-800 kVA True Online, Transformer-less, Double Conversion UPS Systems with IGBT rectifier providing 0,9 Output Power factor and very low input current THD. They produce microprocessor controlled pure sine wave output to critical loads.


  • Patented Technology
  • CE Certificate
  • Parallel Operating without Communication
  • High Performance for Medical Instruments
  • Up to 500 Event History
  • Advanced LCD Panel
  • Static Bypass at UPS Overload or UPS Failure
  • Up to 0.99 Input Power Factor Correction
  • DSP Controlled
  • Up to 6 Parallel Operation
  • Silent Performance
  • Built-in Self-Test
  • Re-adjustable Battery Charge Current
  • Regenerative Operating
  • Input Current Harmonic < %5
  • IGBT Rectifier and Inverter