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Safety Door Interlock System

Safety door interface panel(FS-SIP-01) is designed for interfacing with imaging equipment. The purpose of this panel is to prevent unwanted radiation exposure for the general public, also to make sure no interruption of scanner while a procedure is carried by locking the door.The working principle of the panel is to prevent the scanner or imaging equipment to release radiation. The panel also disables the door from opening when the scanner is emitting radiation.

Status of door and radiation from an equipment :
Radiation Off Door can be opened
Door Open Radiation cannot be released
Door Closed Radiation can be released
Radiation On Door cannot be opened

The radiation interlock system can be installed at any existing site. The installation will take only one day to complete, the door lock will be part of the radiation interlock system, the door interlock system can be also connected to BMS and access door system of the hospital.