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MRI Compatible Fire Extinguisher

MRI Portable Aluminium Fire Extinguisher

This anti-magnetic fire extinguisher is designed for applications where non-magnetic materials are required. The aluminum container is very light and therefore even better to use.

  • All parts are non-magnetic
  • For use up to 3 Tesla magnetic field
  • Portable (stored pressure technology) with 5 kg of carbon dioxide
  • Including clamping ring for wall mounting
  • Allows residue-free extinguishing
  • Gaseous extinguishing agents can be distributed optimally
  • Suffocates the fire quickly and effectively

Width: 330 mm
Height: 685 mm
Container diameter: 152 mm
Container: aluminum Total weight: 13 kg
Extinguishing Power: 5 units of extinguishing agent
Ratings: 89 B
Approval: EN 3
Temperature range: -30 ° C to +60 ° C