M-03, Al Andalus Building, Hor Al Anz East, Dubai, UAE

About Rhombus

What is RhombusMed Doing?

Rhombus is a medical equipment company established in January 2014. We focus on providing the best products and services in Imaging by selling quality medical equipment through the supply, projects, installation and maintenance. Thereby the patients will get the right quality diagnostics through the optimum functionality of the equipment.

The head quarters of Rhombus Medical Equipment LLC is based in Dubai and having branch in Kenya to support the East African market.

Rhombus Corporate office is strategically positioned in Dubai due to several strategic advantages; through building business relation with the Principal companies having their corporate office in the United Arab Emirates; further the business hub in the Middle East provides good infrastructures and connectivity to Africa & Europe

Rhombus is focused to sell products through its sales channels and to provide services & solutions through its technically strong partner Frank Shields for Middle East and East Africa.

Rhombus is focused on providing the better health products by choosing and partnering with companies having the best health products in its class from the right suppliers.

The goal of the Rhombus is to represent strong brands and products in-order to provide good service to its customers. Rhombus scrutinizes & partner only with companies who have exceptionally good products. Rhombus enter into contracts that helps to do business in Middle East Region and East Africa and to maintain healthy relations with the companies for a mutually beneficial and long lasting association

Purpose of Rhombus

To be a leader in the imaging and Healthcare industry by selling right quality products to the end users and retain the customers through efficient, fast and proper service through qualified and trained personnel.

Vision of Rhombus

To provide quality products and services in healthcare industry that enhances the living condition of people.To support the growth of proper Healthcare system through innovative way of education & training.

Mission statement

With the best service always in mind, we embrace the changing healthcare environment and seek to identify opportunities as they emerge.we commit to strengthen our position as a market leader through continuous improvement.

Core values

We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.The company strives to keep updated with the latest technology.